Customer Service

Will my card be debited when I place my order?

This article concerns card payments through the website only, for information on finance payments, click here.

When you place an order via the website, card authorisation is taken immediately.  This means funds are ring fenced from your account and your balance will be less the sum of the total order value.

From authorisation there are two options open to any business.  To immediately debit the funds or to delay until goods are shipped.  The method cannot be altered on a case by case basis and we debit funds on placing an order.  The simple reason is because some goods are special ordered (such as a custom painted Davida helmet) and by the time they are ready for dispatch the bank authorisation will have elapsed.  We would then need to contact you again for payment and in the meantime you may have allocated the funds for other purposes.

None of this affects your statutory rights or ability to obtain a full refund.  We consider consumer rights in all our dealings and apply all the common sense we possess!  If you have any concerns then get in touch.